ritual and celebration burning

Rowan is also a popular wood for hearth fires at Imbolc to celebrate the new Spring. They have reference for Brighid and the womb of the Morrigu, Morrigan. Burning is for empowering men, and allowing the spirit of the Morrigu, or maybe other goddesses, to serve the empowerment of courage and protection as well as their passion and virility. Rowan fires tend to be created by and maintained by men.

wands and staves

Staves and wands may be created and used for blessings with the same purpose as the Rowan fire, to allow free access to receive empowerment of courage, passion, virility and protection from the goddesses.


Some people carry a pouch of Rowan discs or sticks with Ogham symbols, rune symbols or other symbol system for blessing the receiving of protection and courage.

embracing Rowan's symbol of Love

It seems to be important not to use Rowan to command but to teach us and remind us to surrender, be open and be unconditional to all that the symbol of Rowan may bring to us in spirit. It all seems to be about developing confidence in our own self love so that we are focused and confidence. Its about understanding the difference between self love, selfishness and over generosity through underestimating our worthiness which is really surrendering to slavery.

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